Jordyn Rayne

Time Capsule

Time Capsule is an album about a year in the life of Jordyn Rayne. Her poetic lyrics about heartbreak, friendship, and life's complications will pull at the heartstrings of anyone while listening. This folk/pop album with hints of jazzy notes will have every generation finding relatable stories in this easy listening compilation of tunes. The meaning of this album and Jordyn's unique personality shines through with her engaging vocal performance. 

"Incredible lyrical content; heartbreaking, with vivid imagery and powerful metaphors"

- Steven Azami, May 2022

Jordyn Rayne & Caylie G

Sea and Beyond

Sea and Beyond is a tale of two friends and their journey together. Jordyn and Caylie started out as strangers just going to the same high school and in their early 20's found each other again when they needed each other the most. This collaboration of songs tells the story of how the two became friends and each other's rock through heartbreak. A compilation of folk/pop melodies assists the partners in crime to tell each song's story.

"The narrative lyrical style is a shining feature ... It keeps the listener hanging onto every word, which is made easier by the catchy melodies and strong vocal harmonies"

- Zachary Larson, January 2023


Jordyn Rayne is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter based out of Edmonton. She is excited to be releasing her next EP along with Caylie G this December called "Sea and Beyond!" This past April she released her first full length album. “This is my first time sharing my songs with the public! It’s a set of really vulnerable, heart-felt songs with messages that resonate a lot with people my age." “Time Capsule” is Jordyn’s first full release, and includes a wide range of sounds from bluesy folk sounds to catching upbeat pop melodies. Her relatable lyrics are poetic to anyone who has fought through life’s complications and pulls on the heartstrings of the younger generations of today.

In the summer of 2022, The Reverie, a four piece band was formed with Jordyn Rayne as lead vocals. She has been performing with them ever since and they are making strides in the Edmonton music community. They are currently preparing to release new music in 2023!

Jordyn has performed on multiple stages throughout the Edmonton community, including but not limited to, the Big Valley Jamboree Home Grown Talent Stage, Maclab Theatre, and The Jubilee Auditorium. With an extensive history in musical theatre, Jordyn has graduated from Victoria School of the Performing Arts and Visual Arts with awards in acting and has attended Randolph College for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Ontario. She also just graduated from MacEwan University with a Diploma in Vocal Performance.

A New Era

The Reverie

"Jordyn Rayne's delicate vocal qualities make for a highly absorbing performance and the subtle emotional nuances in her lyric delivery help make each and every word feel both impactful and purposeful" - Andre Avanessian, April 2022

Based out of Edmonton, the Reverie provide a funk rock soundscape to Jordyn's emotional vocals, heartfelt lyrics and powerful storytelling. The group newly formed in June of 2022 while attending MacEwan University’s Music program. They have already performed at some of Edmontons hottest live music venues including; The Station on Jasper, Rocky Mountain Ice House, Blak Bar on Whyte, and The Buckingham on Whyte. The Reverie has already made huge strides in one summer of working together and aren't planning on slowing down! They are currently preparing to put out some songs in the new year and take on even more performing opportunities! 


Previous events

The Reverie and Monks on Call at The Aviary

The Aviary, 9314 111 Ave NW, Edmonton

Thursday, November 3 ✨ Were hosting a crucial fundraiser for a new family in our community. Tanzia just gave birth to a baby boy. 🐣 His name is Arham. Tanzia and her husband also have a 3 year old daughter. Tanzia and her husbands immigrated to Canada from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 and don’t have any other family here in Canada. Her husband is an Uber driver, but hasn’t been able to work during Tanzia’s last month of pregnancy as she needed help taking care of their toddler. Any funding would be a huge help in supporting baby Arham. 🙏 Live music from @thereverieyeg (@jordynraynemusic band!) + @monksoncall + @ellieheath 💥 doors @ 730 • Tix @

The Reverie at Blak Bar 2.0

(MDT, UTC-06) (MDT, UTC-06)

BlakBar Tavern

Join us for a night of energetic pop, rock, and indie music. Featuring: The Sylvia Platters Janglepop and shoegaze from Vancouver Praise for their latest release: "Five eminently listenable tunes that were made-to-order for head-bopping down the highway on a summer road trip." - Stuart Derdeyn, The Vancouver Sun Jordyn Rayne Soulful rock serenades "Incredible lyrical content; heartbreaking, with vivid imagery and powerful metaphors." - Steven Azami, May 2022 Monks on Call Alt-rock jams Doors at 8. Cover $13. 18+ only.

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